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                                                 "A CEMETERY  BY THE PARK"
                                                          (by Job Cuellar Salazar) 

                                                                  CHAPTER 1

I usually do my regular exercise walk in the mornings by the park around 7:00 am, I start this about a year ago or may be more. Anyway, This park is very different and located up north of the city that I live in, witch is Houston Texas (USA), very Proud of my home town.
As I was saying, I usually walk all around for almost hour/ and a half, and is about Three Laps Tops, and sometimes I'll do the extra by adding one more Lap. Now this park is very strange, and a Little bit unusual, cause right on one side is a bayou, and on the side of that bayou is a Cemetery, that whenever I do my walking in the mornings, I can see it very clear, and is right there. Only one thing separate the park and the cemetery is the bayou.
Sometimes but not everyday, is a Funeral service going on there, I can see it, and I can hear the cry's that everyone suffers around there, in times I'll try not to look, but sometimes you just can't help it. Lately for the past few weeks I haven't see anything, none until this morning that I saw something different, I saw a Man standing on the edge of that Bayou, looking at the other side of the cemetery, white shirt, blue jeans, no shoes, was a young man, I pass by that man without saying anything to him. Strangely, he turn to see me and said; "Nice day for a walk sir" - at witch I replay; "yes indeed" - Then I turn around and  keep on walking, later after I'd finish my first round, ready to star my second lap, I look at the same spot where the man was before, didn't see him. i was thinking that he probably left and go home. Then I look down by the Bayou, and the I have a Little surprise there, I saw the same man walking in the waters of the bayou, in that moment i was wondering what he was going to do next. at witch mind my own business, I yell at him, and ask him; "Excuse me sir...what in hell are you doing there?!" - The man putting a big smile on his face respond at me and say; "I am taking a Bath sir! No worries, I'll be ok...! - Then I put a smile on my face, turn around and keep on walking saying; "What a Loony world are we live in? ha ha...
On my last round, starting my third lap, I pass by the same spot where I saw the man, wondering if he still there, I look down by the bayou, and I saw him, now dress with different cloths, now he was wearing a Black suit, with white shirt, and black tide. Strangely he wasn't wearing any shoes, this time I dare to stop and ask him; "are you going to a wedding sir?" - Again he smiles at me and replays; "nope...I am going to a Funeral in about an are welcome to come my dear curios walk friendly man" - Again I smile at him and respond; "No tank you! You enjoy your party sir, and I'll see you later" - So I left the scene, and keep on walking, and returning back home.

                                                            CHAPTER 2 

At the next day once again, same time, same routine, warming up for the day, summer was already here, the day's are getting hotter and brighter. Starting the same routine walking by the little Bayou, water was calm. and the bird's singing around, curious I look at the same spot where the man was standing yesterday, but no one was there. But someone was at the other side of the Bayou at the cemetery, working with his bulldozer, making a new hole, for a new comer at that place. Then I say to myself - "Two this record!" - Muck me if you like, but that's the way I see it.
On my second round, more people were working around, I guess they were preparing all the ornaments for the new funeral, no doubt I was very curious, who will be there, and how many will be attending this time. Few minutes later, I saw an Old woman dress in Black, with a portable chair on her hands coming on my way, in front of me, but she pass me by without saying a word to me, I keep walking ignore who she was. However she Look's Interesting cause she was walking on hill shoes, and a Black dress, hard to believe that she was exercising or may be going to work, anyway I decide to keep on walking and finish my exercise of the day.
On my third round, passing by the same place where i saw the guy yesterday, this time I saw the Old lady, the one was dressing in Black and pass by before, sitting down, facing the Old cemetery, curiously, and slowing down on my walk, I approach her and ask her - "Forgive me Madam...are you ok? - The lady Turns to see me, then smiles at me and say - "Yes tank you for asking!" - Then I replay Looking at the people that their were working down there in the cemetery - "Looking for something Interesting down there?" - She smiles again at me and responds - "I am Looking at my Son's Funeral, that is going to happen this afternoon, I want it to look just perfect" - Surprisingly my knees bend a little and then i replay - "Your son?" - She Looks at me and say - "That's ok sir we never were very close, but I am glad that he's in haven right now...I hope!" - Then I look at her and ask, because the picture of that young man can keep it out of my mind - "Do you have a Picture of your son right now?" - The Lady think for a few seconds, then look's at her little small wallet that has a little belt, that was around her shoulders, then pulls one old black fade photo, and show it to me saying - "My son wasn't very fun of someone taking picture of him, I only carry this old photo when he was seventeen years Old or was eighteen?...anyway he was a handsome boy" - I look at the Picture, hoping that is not the young man that I saw yesterday, down there in the bayou, then seeing his face, give me a little bit of chills, the Kid kind of Look like the young man that I saw at the bayou, just a little bit of difference...he was young!.
Later the Lady get's up from her chair, and ask me if I was going that way?, I'll replay and ask - "Why...You Leaving now?" - at which she responds - "Yes, plus I have my car park at the other side of the park, right where the parking lot is, will you mind helping me out with this heavy chair? - I was going that way anyway, so I agree to her petitions. Meanwhile, we were taking about things, but my curiosity wants to ask more about her son, one of my questions was - "why did you son die? - Immediately her answer was - "Bad Influence, terrible people that they dare to call themselves "FRIENDS" - Then I dared to ask her the next question - "How did he die?" - Strangely, Looking far down she responds - "Died of drugs...Cocaine to be exact!" - "Where he died?" - Again strangely she stop and pointing by a Bridge and say - "Right there!" - I said - "On Top of the Bridge?" - She Replays negatively - "No!..Under the Bridge!" - Then I say - "In the Bayou... Dose he drown? - I noticed a little bit of anger on her when she respond my questions - "No he wasn't!  he was a good swimmer! he was a Good decent little boy! - I felt her pain in my skin, I put my hand over her shoulders, and offer my condolences, she immediately put her arms around me and cry. 
After that, she calm herself and we walk over her car, there she opens the door, look's at me wiping the last tears of her eyes and smiles, then she ask - "What's your name son?" - I smile back and respond - "My name is Job Madam" - at which she replays and say - "Well Job, tank you for your time, you are welcome to come to my son's funeral if you want, but if you don't come...Ciao Bello! - at the same time I smile at her and waving my hand I said - "Ciao Bella! 

                                                                     Chapter 3 

 Later, when I get home, I took a shower and have breakfast, few hours later, thinking about that day, and going back to the park and see if I can watch the funeral, thinking about the Old lady crying by herself all alone for the lost of her son. Making my mind for a few minutes, I decide to go, and watch from the other side of the Old bayou, so she doesn't see me there. Finally I put my jeans, and a simple white shirt on, not to fancy, not to flashy, so no body can't recognize me there. Strangely the day seems to be changing, from a day sunny light, to a dark gray day, even I can feel rain coming from the south. "Forecasters TV bastards never get it right!" 
Walking by the park, looking or trying to see at the other side, well can't, a little bit of fog embrace the place, then when I get to the spot where I suppose to be, in that Moment, the Fog seems to immediately disappear in moments. Now I can see clearly or almost clearly, then an Idea comes to my mind saying - "Why don you get a Little bit closer?" - So Little by little I starting walking down hill, until I find the right spot to watch the Funeral. Then Incredibly, many people come to say their goodbyes to dead guy, then I ask myself this question - "Why do we cry so much for people that we know when they are death...why don't we cry for them, when they are alive?" - Call stupid or something I don't know? - Anyway when the funeral was over, I saw the Lady, she wasn't crying at all, she actually was happy, shaking hands to all the people that came, smile at them other wondering why dose she was happy, and smiling. May be because she didn't care anymore, maybe the pain of her son was gone, and he will never suffer in this world ever!
Few minutes later I'll decide to leave and go back home, walking back up hill, I saw the Figure of the same man I saw yesterday, wearing the same Black suit, and no shoes, I stare at him and ask him - "What do you want?" - He smiles at me and say - "Tank you for coming, now is time for me to go, may be I'll see you later or in another life" - My knees bend again, but this time make me fall down hill, I get up with a little pain on my back, the I hear a voice behind me saying - "Hello, Hello, Hello Job!" - I Turn around and saw the Old lady in Black waving at me, then I turn back looking up hill trying to find the young man, he wasn't there anymore, he was gone.
Again the Old lady keep calling me and asking if I was ok? - I keep looking up hill to find the young man, but no luck at all, then I'll look back to the Old lady and respond her calls - "Yes Madam I am Ok! how's the Funeral? - She smiles at me and say - "Was a Totally success! and I am glad you're made it, I saw you from down there, tank you for coming!" - "No trouble at all my lady, I hope you'll be Ok after all this?" - Then she Look's around looking for something, she keep quite for almost a minute, then I'll replay at her asking her - "Madam are you alright?" - Her eyes went back to look at me, smiles at , then she responds - "Everything is ok now...everything will be much better now...Go home Job...have a Nice Life"
Then she left the scene, walking back were she belongs, she never look back at me, and I'll never see her anymore... - "Goodbye my Lady, and I'll see you may be in the next life"

                                                                 THE END 

Chapter 3 photo art by sacha kisling.     

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